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Index of Journal Subjects

Journal Number.
6. Crime & Punishment 
7. Christmas 1914 
8. Public Health & Water 
9. Sittingbourne Fire Brigade 
10. Politics Music, Home Guard, Post War Council 
12. Rail Crash 1878 
13. Doctor at War , Roman Archaeology 
14. Murston & Brick making 
15. 1900, Buses, Sheppey Crossing, 1940s rationing 
16. Between the Wars 
17. 1920’s Growth of Sittingbourne 
18. Coronation, 1952 
19. St Michaels School, Holy Trinity School 
20. Music of Daisy Rumble, Mrs Parrett, The Red Lion 
21. Coronation 1953, Ufton Court 
22. 1926, and memories of Milton (Lewry) 
23. Christmas in the Workhouse 1926, M Lewry memories, The Grove 
24. WW1, memories of WW2 (Morgan) 
25. 1930s 
26. Fruit picking, Jam making 
27. Stage Coaches 
28. Chatham & Dover Railway 
29. The Country Life, Tunstall 
30. Hopping, Bennett Opie, The Oxinden letters 
31. Christmas Celebrations, Workhouse, 1937 
32. Sheppey, Brenchley House school, Gore Court, Cross channel air ferry 
33. Tunstall 
34. Edwardian Summer, Borden 
35. 1956 
36. A fond farewell – Sittingbourne Mill 
37. The High Street, Hasted 
38. Post War, Friendly societies, Dr E. Ray, St Michaels Church 
39. Origins of the Road. memories Borden Hall 
40. Sanitation, Borden Hall, Adult School, Advertising 
41. Forgotten years 1946 - 1950 
42. County Roads, Burial Clubs, Borden Churchyard, Sittingbourne Cemetery 
43. Regeneration, Tonge, Reports to Church Commissioners 
44. Crash of 1929, Victorian Bredgar 
45. Changing Countryside, 100 years ago, The Workhouse 
46. The Lords Day, Wills and Inventories 
47. Christmas Celebrations, Wraights, Anglo Saxons 
48. Health Care & Hospitals, Tiles in Butchers, High Street 1925 
49. Elections, The Co-op, Funerals, Trade in the Creek 
50. Local Government, Early Flight, Ufton Lane School 
51. Radfield, Working at the Co-op, W Brightman - A Sittingbourne Life 
52. Radfield(2), 4 worthies - Payne, Smeed, Poore, The Highsted Skeletons 
53. Wesley, Charles Jackson, Sittingbourne Library, 1937 Coronation 
54. Burtons, Watercress, Borden memories 
55. Medieval Hospitals(1), Basket-making in Newington, Packer baskets, Christmas 1911 56. Medieval Hospitals(2), Tunstall Court, Union Workhouse Admissions, Working Life- B Green. 
57.1953 Coronation, Robert Couchman & Gore Court Cricket, Borden Rat & Sparrow Club, 1930s Newington 
58. Milton Bowls Club, Borden Yeomen, Hollywood Connections, Phoenix House 
59. Spicer Homes, Margaret's Bungalow, Adult Education Centre 
60. Manders Circus & Maccomo, Bayford Manor, W Tidy, school before 1939 
61. Sharsted camp 1940s, Archbishop John of Sittingbourne, A Borden Chronology, An Old Ledger, Boulding the Butcher, Deportment (M Foster) 
62. Chapels of Borden, Durban House Park Road, School at Cedars, Staplehurst Road Then & Now. 
63. Key Street Chapel, Archaeology/Local History, Staplehurst Rd memories, Crescent St Library, Workhouse Christmas 
64. Borden vicar refuses to ring bell, Stage Coach Travel, 
65. Population of Murston (1), Transposing Harmonium, Sonora - the name.
66. Hops & Hop-picking, 1980 Milton Creek rescue, Soldiers at Gore Court,
67. A Local Health Hazard - the creek and flies
68. Entertainment in the 1850s, Location of Milton Regis, Reunited with the past (Pt T Eley),The Workhouse during WW1
69. Cockleshell Walk, The Beautiful Game (Ladies football), Wall Painting
70. (Band of Hope), George Pavey,
71. Mummers of Milton Regis, Winter in Milton (Jordan), Pubs in Sittingbourne, Historical Buildings Cockleshell Walk
72. FM Ramell, Pubs in 1915, Canning Trophy, 2 Nonegenarians, Bowes Park
73. Two brothers on the Somme (Wakeford), High Street Fire 1870, Slow Bicycle Event, Dr Alan Easton, Peter Morgan, 90
74. Rhode House - Mrs Clifford, 1937 Coronation, Len Baker, The Wheatsheaf
75. Borden Village School 1862, Travers Family Bredgar House, Boxing Day in 1950s, Day War Broke Out - Vic Wise, Number 48 East Street,
76.  Sittingbourne Horticultural Society, Origins of Sittingbourne Library, Primrose House, Bredgar
77. Kent Farm Institute, Children in Workhouse, Eric Goldsmith
78. Milton Childhood (Olive Terry), Celebrating the History Group, some Street names
79. Glovers Hospital Clock, Sittingbourne described in The Builder, Christmas on a Tunstall farm, Street names (I), The Story of 67 East Street, Staplehurst Road
80. Wormshill childhood, George III golden jubilee 1809, Johnson House & gardens, Thomas Burr, Stalag XXXIII
81. Doldings, Marshall Harvey, The White Rock, Running the village from the Pub (Borden, Bredgar), the Perils of Pitch & Toss
82. Milton in 1844, Land girls' rally 1919, Noncupative wills of Borden men, The Lawn, A Whitham family bible, Childhood and nature
83. Childhood and nature
84. Wormshill childhood, George III golden jubilee 1809, Johnson House & gardens, Thomas Burr, Stalag XXXIII
85. FC Lowe (Carta Carna), Stockbury Memories, CP Studio
86. Memories, CP Studio
87. Diaries of Mary Webb, Mabel Draper;s dog & Beatrice Carroll's shop, Christmas Day in the workhouse 1875, Sittingbourne Ghosts
88. Diaries of Mary Webb (II), Adolphus Parry-Evans - vicar who cared for the blind, Fracas over Grafton Road, Fire Brigade Charity week 1925
89. Flu pandemic 1918, 109-111 High Street, Sittingbourne Carnivals
90. Borden church and parish 1911, Sittingbourne Football Club, Wormshill Wedding, Shipbuilding

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