Mirror Mirror ,

strange, I have a story I tell about the inventor of the mirror and the distortions it causes.Now they have discovered Mirror Genes in our “Junk DNA” .Apparently when we are born a process occurs through repetition with the Neurons in our forming brain /identity, that Hard wires us for life . That’s the short version probably inaccurate but what I havetaken from what I have read. Mirror Genes reflect from one side ofthe DNA spiral to a like gene on the other side of the spiral, withthree possible outcomes.

replication yet mirrored reversed Faulty Duplication (this is one way to look at it) No duplication.

This affects the way we develop also explains to some degree what happens when things go wrong/differently It is let me say straight away only a metaphor, and is subject to interpretation.

In my story about the invention of the mirror :

There once was a man who invented the mirror, and just afterwards he died leaving all his worldly goods to his Son. The son opens the box containing his fathers effectsand sees the mirror for the first time and thinks it is a picture ofhis father as a young man, His wife sees it and thinks he is havingan affair with another woman, her mother sees it but says not toworry, no one would have an affair with anyone that ugly!!

Does that strike a note or not, Mirror genes or their absence could cause autisms on many differing levels explaining why one person receives information and interprets it one way whilst another sees another option or sees nothing at all.

For me it fits, If Mirrors only reflect what they see about them, so context is important then conversely then these clichés come to mind ;

You see what you want to see. He/she is no better than they should be. It takes one to know one.

I hope this makes sense , to you or nonsense? Let me know.

D. Carpenter © 2015

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