Search by surname on village graves or memorials

Our wonderfully dedicated band of researchers at the Museum have, to date, surveyed the cemeteries at: Bobbing, Bredgar and Borden and Murston Old Church – amounting to about 973 memorials featuring about 1830 names.

We have documented and recorded the memorials there included, and we now offer this search to our members. The information that will be returned may be very sketchy indeed. Some of the church records themselves are sparse, and the graves themselves have crumbled, in some cases to almost nothing. In other cases there may be a reasonable image of the monument that we can send you. This is still a manual search of our records, so use the forms below to make the request, and we will respond by email. Please allow for the fact that we are all volunteers and cannot undertake to turn these requests round in any guaranteed time-frame. But we like to do our best!

To search: (free to everyone, so please do try)

Enter the surname on the blue form, and click “Send request”

You will be sent a text result by email in the form of the name and rough details of deceased for which we hold a record (if any). We will also indicate what quality of record we might hold for this person or these people – if we have nothing – we will tell you.This is free of charge to all.

Wait to receive this by email. (apologies for this but we are a volunteer service)

If found, then to get the full details (museum subscribers only):

If you are a museum subscriber please complete the green form and click on “Send request”

If you are NOT a museum subscriber, see membership page – then return to the step above.

But we do have warn you.. for these graves and memorials we may not have much to give you. An indication will be given in our response email to you. We hope to be able to eventually offer a photograph for each grave, so do ask us if you think we can help with feet on the ground. then return to the step above.

What to do now:

If you have followed the instructions above, your request has been sent to our volunteers by email. Please wait for a response which we expect to be able to give in a few days. If you have any questions please email the museum secretary.