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We are planning to open new displays to the public in Unit 22 of the Forum shopping centre on the first Saturday in July. We will also be open for pre-arranged group visits and online for enquiries, research, sales, volunteering etc.

During the last couple of years we have worked on ways to bring access to our collection to members and the world at large. We have created our own Youtube channel and produced a number of videos to achieve this. For example: (click on the image and then use the back arrow on browser to return here)

New for 2022

Book now available:

Diary of the Air Battle over Sittingbourne and Sheppey

Diary kept by Charles Fairley who lived in Quinton Road, Milton/Bobbing from 1939 until the time he was called up in 1941. Price £8.95

Please see our Shop page for details of how to order. We also have many other titles on local history.

News for May 2022:

Cash prizes for Sittingbourne Primary Schools

The Anthony Buckungham memorial Prize with cash prizes for a local history project – is now being judged – see our Schools Page for details.

New displays in shopping centre

We are hoping to present some Museum displays in the Forum shopping centre by this July

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Our “members” are our supporters, and our friends who support the idea of there being a museum in Sittingbourne to display, represent and educate in all matters related to the history of our town and area.

For our existing members, subscriptions, which help us to keep the museum running, are due now. Please help us to prepare for a post-virus Museum by paying your subscription online or by bank transfer. Go to our subscription renewal page for how to do this. Many thanks.

Please see our members information page to subscribe to or unsubscribe from our email list.  See our Facebook page also for news, photographs and debate. We also now have a Youtube channel and will publish short video films here from time to time.

What's new on the website?

If you cannot find something – please do let us know. 1/2/2022

We have now made available a search of emigrant data for 1904-1914 – see “Search Our Data”

For the casual browser there is some information related to the ship building industry of Milton Creek. There is also information related to the long gone cattle market that used to be held in the town.

Sittingbourne's Very Own Museum

Sittingbourne has had a museum since 1999 but still there are many people who either don’t know about it or where to find it. Sittingbourne Heritage Museum is has displays in the Forum Shopping Centre, Sittingbourne.  The museum houses many objects from Sittingbourne and the surrounding villages which have been donated or loaned by local residents and other museums. We are able to have regularly changing displays, as well as our more permanent features such as ‘The Plough‘ finds cabinet of late medieval items rescued from the demolished public house, which once stood opposite the museum.

But there is more to the museum than just displays. Behind the scenes, researchers are peering into the town’s past, and then producing highly respected books on various topics.. These books and many more are available on-line and in our small shop which forms an integral part of the museum.

Entry to the museum is free but why not support our museum by becoming a member and receive regular news and information about local history ?

Sittingbourne Heritage Museum is a founding and participating member of Historic Swale – a charity organisation whose aim it is to promote Swale as a heritage destination.