We are a registered charity and as such are bound by rules of the Charity Commission in the UK. The charity has only charitable purposes which are for the public benefit and we report each year on how we have carried out the charity’s purposes.

We have a constitution and that gives details of how we are to be governed. 

Once a year an Annual General Meeting is held to elect a “committee” of active “members” who have been nominated for that committee. From this elected committee the committee members select a chair, treasurer and secretary and any other officers deemed necessary. The committee effectively act as trustees, and it is possible to co-opt a new committee member at any stage up to a maximum as defined in our constitution.

An annual report is produced for each AGM and names of the current committee members are published therein.

Our committee for 2023-24 comprises (in no particular order):

  • Allen Whitnell (chair)
  • Sally Wright (sec)
  • Dudley Hird (treas)
  • Helen Allinson
  • Cliff Cork
  • Pauline Brown
  • Wendy Sands
  • Vicky Mayatt
  • Sue Morris

If you have questions or would like to know how to get involved, please email either myself or our secretary.

Similarly if you would like a copy of our constitution, or our Annual Report, please do contact us.