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Sittingbourne High Street – A Historical Insight – Vol 1
(The South Side) Published: SHM Price £14.95 + p&p
The Rise And Fall of The Beat Groups in Sittingbourne
by Allen Whitnell, Published: SHM Price: £11.95 + p&p
More Family Businesses
Published: SHM Price: £7.95 + p&p
Historic Buildings And Grand Houses of Sittingbourne
by Helen Allinson, John Clancy & Alan Abbey Price £8.95 +
A History of The Sittingbourne Co-operative Society
by Helen Allinson, Published: SHM Price: £7.95 + p&p
Sittingbourne High Street – A Historical Insight, Vol 2
by Michael H Peters, Published: SHM Price: £16.95
A Look at Key Street’s Past
with drawings by Peter Judges, Published: SHM Price: £7.95 + p&p
Wartime Heroes of BGS Remembered
by Sally Jenkins, Published: SHM Price: £7.95 + p&p
The Spicer Homes, Sittingbourne
by John Clancy MA, Published: SHM Price: £4.95 + p&p
Inns Taverns & Public Houses of Sittingbourne & District (4th ed.) (2024)
by Helen Allinson, et al Price: £13.95 +
Gore Court House & Estate
by Helen Allinson Price £4.00 + p&p
Long Gone Cinemas of Swale
by John Clancy Price: £6.00 + p&p
Bobbing – 2000 Years of Kentish History
by Michael Fairley Price: £9.00 + p&p
Sittingbourne in The Second World War
Edited by Helen Allinson Published: SHM Price: £12.95 + p&p
A Sittingbourne Miscellany
Published: SHM Price £11.95 + p&p
A Walk Through Sittingbourne in Days Gone By
By Percy Hubbard Published: SHM Price £5.95 + p&p
The Story of The Convent of The Nativity School
By Dr John Mount Published: SHM SHM016 £11.95 +
East Street, Sittingbourne
A Historical Insight – Helen Allinson et al Published: SHM Price: £16.95 + p&p
Len Hurst – Champion Belter
The Story of Sittingbourne’s Len Hurst, Britain’s first Marathon Runner.
A History Of Murston
by – Bryan Clark, 2011 price £14.99 + p&p
The William Barrow’s Charity, Borden
by Helen Allinson (2017) price £12.50 + p&p
Bredgar – The History Of A Kentish Parish
by – Helen Allinson (2013) price £10.95 + p&p
Journal Of A Victorian Lady, Louisa Thomas
by Helen Allinson (2011) price £12.50 + p&p
Life In The Workhouse
The Story of Milton Union by Helen Allinson (2005) price £10.00 + p&p
Milton Regis Through Time
by John Clancy (2010) price £14.99 + p&p
Sittingbourne Through Time
by Robert Turcan (2015) price £14.99 + p&p
A Look at Rodmersham 1850-1955 by Helen Allinson (2023) price £12.95 + p&p
Sittingbourne in the 1970s
ed. Helen Allinson (2023) price £8.95 + p&p
The Story Of Lower Halstow
by Pauline Stevens (1999) price £10.00 + p&p
The Church And Village Of Tunstall
by Arthur Midwinter, Rector of Tunstall (1992) price £6.00 + p&p
Milstead Cricket
by Lena Jordan (2006) price £6.00 + p&p
Sittingbourne – The Postcard Collection
by Robert Turcan (2016) price £14.99 + p&p
Swale Villages Through Time
by John Clancy (2011) Price £14.99 + p&p
Isle Of Sheppey Through Time
by John Clancy (2011) price £14.99 + p&p
Otterham, Kent – Your Heritage
by Mike Ginnill (2014) price £5.99 + p&p
Before The NHS
Sittingbourne’s Health Care £8.95 + p&p
Rose Hill House
Booklet (24 pages) £4.00 + p&p
Strolling Through Milstead
by Lena Jordan (2001) price £9.95 + p&p
History of Sittingbourne Mill
by Steve Ralph and Richard Marsh (orig. 2007) price £10.95 + p&p
Tunstall – The History Of A Kent Parish
by – Allinson & Turner price £10.85 plus p&p
Sittingbourne – Community and Leisure in the 1960s
price £11.95 plus p&p
Diary of the Air Battle over Sittingbourne & Sheppey by C & M Fairley
price £8.95 plus p&p

Music Hall & Variety Theatre in Kent’s Seaside Resorts by Michael Fairley £11.99 + p&p

My Life in Milton Regis Between the Wars by Alice Richards £8.95 + p&p

The Ancient Craft of Tanning & Fellmongering in Chalkwell & Milton Regis
by Julie Wratten et al. (2023) price £12.95 + p&p