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The Museum collection

The Museum collection comprises thousands of artefacts, maps, documents, photographs etc that have been donated or collected from the residents and workers of the Sittingbourne and Milton area or discovered as the result of archaeology. Much work goes on to identify, conserve, catalogue and sometimes display the items in our care.

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If you have items that you think belong in our collection, then please do use this form, or email directly to the to see if we can accept the items.  For photographs etc. see the form further down the page where you may be able to send them to us.

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Oral and Written History

We are keen to track down personal memories, whether written or recorded on audio or video media. Please let us know what you might have and we will, I’m sure, be keen to add these precious gems to our collection if they relate to our area.

Submit short comments or memories via our Personal Memories page or just send us email !