Search by surname for ARP Wardens in Sittingbourne, Milton and Kemsley, 1940

Air Raid Precautions workers (both men and women) in 1939-1940 Duty Books – names, addresses and dates of birth from the Sittingbourne & Milton ARP Wardens’ duty books.

The books were transcribedby Helen Allinson in 2007

Book 1:  ARP Posts 1-7,  lists of personnel, addresses & certificates plus list of fireguards

Book 2: Post 3 Duty Book – signing in/out

Book 3: Post 8 1939-40 Patrols sign on/off & list of cyclists

Book 4: ARP Posts, Group North & Kemsley, posts 1-3, lists for patrol 1A & Posts 2-9

Book 5: ARP Posts 1-7


Hollands, F

74 College Road, appears in Book 1, Post 3 – “transferred to post 4”

appears also in Book 5, Post 3, d.o.b. 20/8/1902 – certificate 3

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Warden’s post in Vicarage Road, Milton (note the siren on top of the pole)

Wardens of Post number 3 – Canterbury Road

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