Emigration from Sittingbourne & Milton 1904-1914

The decade 1904-1914 saw nearly 2,000 men women and children leaving Sittingbourne and Milton for  new opportunities abroad. This mass exodus from what was then a small town was due in large part to a downturn in the brick making industry. Most were bound for Canada and their names. addresses and the country they were going to were reported in the local paper. We are gradually adding information about their jobs from the census returns of 1901 and 1911. This is an on-going project and does not indicate whether children went too and we only know the answer to that in a few cases.

If your ancestors appear on the list and you can tell us about them please do. If you know members of your family emigrated from Sittingbourne and district in this decade and they do not appear on the list please let us know.

We have so far 345 names. Often their (UK) address is given, and their country of origin. Sometimes, their profession is also listed. We can only give the year of emigration, not month or date. Often, more information will be available from passenger lists available through major genealogy websites.


Bartlett, Albert, 48 Harold Rd., Brickfield labourer, Canada, 1906

Paper mill workers and their families leaving Sittingbourne railway station for a life in Canada, 1909

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