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First World World War, 1914 – 1919

Dependency Claims for Milton Regis and Grovehurst (Includes Park Road, Ufton Lane, Unity Street, William Street, London Road)

There are just over 400 of these claims, made between 1914 and 1919.

Records held by the museum include give the following details :

Name of serviceman, service number (if given), unit, name of claimant, address, date papers received, pension officer’s recommend (if dependent), sum granted per week, date considered, date of forwarding papers, final outcome (if different to recommendation), authority.


381        George Caspar Gransden                 Irish Guards                    Lizzie Gransden                88 High Street, Milton Regis

11/07/1918       L Gransden (dependent to extent of) 2/-         30/07/1918   Pension Officer’s recommendation confirmed

31/7/1918                                      (Regimental Paymaster,) London District, Regent Street

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